Perhaps the romantic vision of a chest full of gold coins is obsolete these days. But there is a huge possibility that there is a treasure hidden right under your nose. Do you know what treasure this is?
With the pandemic, online commerce soared. And with it, other problems also triggered, namely the security ones. Take this case where Intelligent Algorithms helped fight a fraud situation in a company.
In this article we present a real application of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence at the time when the Covid pandemic almost paralyzed Portugal.
The amount of data generated around the world is increasing exponentially, with the Internet/social networks, IoT, teleworking (last 2 years) or digital transformation in companies being some of the responsible factors. The Data Revolution has arrived and is more advanced than you think.
Digital technologies make it possible to achieve greater sustainability in the mobility and transport sectors. In this article we present some areas in which Artificial Intelligence plays a relevant role.
It is often said that data is the new oil or the new gold. But if not managed well, they can also be a problem. Here are some signs you should be aware of, which indicate the need for a Data Scientist to intervene in your company.
As companies grow, so does the amount of information generated and shared. The sooner this information is structured, correctly recorded and stored, the less problems you will have in the future.
Data Literacy has been a very popular skill lately. Although not as appealing in name as other hard and soft skills, it currently represents a defining moment for most companies. Find out why.
The most popular sport on the planet has been increasingly using technological advances to improve itself. And Artificial Intelligence comes into play.
Talking about streaming means talking about data, that is, a form of digital distribution, as opposed to data download. AI plays an important role in some lesser-known aspects of Streaming. Check out how.